Norms Brings Its Classic Diner Back To Hollywood Birthplace


Norms 24/7 diner is a Los Angeles restaurant institution, still standing after more than 70 years in a town where not even buildings are allowed to get old. With their immediately recognizable orange and black sign rising up in classic geometric formation, the 23 Norms’ southern California locations have been one of Los Angeles’ most identifiable landmarks since the chain's launch in 1949.

Norm’s location on La Cienega in Los Angeles, built in 1957, has been designated a historic and cultural monument. Designed by Eldon Davis, of Armet Davis Newlove Architects in Santa Monica, the oldest standing location features upswept roofs and unusual angles and includes glass, neon, and steel.

Now the chain has re-opened a Hollywood location at Hollywood Blvd. and Western Ave., mere blocks from where founder Norm Roybark opened the first Norms at the famous intersection of Sunset and Vine.



 “Hollywood is where it all started for Norms. It only makes sense to come back home,” Norms CEO Eric Wyatt told Marketing Daily. “There is a need for a 24/7 diner in this market and Norms fits the trade area needs.”

Earlier this year the chain announced the appointment of industry veteran Wyatt, who joined Norm’s after more than 30 years in the restaurant business, holding senior operations roles for such brands as Starbucks, Panera and various Yum! Brands restaurants.

Subsequently the chain also brought on LA-based ad agency Moontide, which recently launched a new campaign targeting both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences.

The new campaign introduces audiences to Norma, “the charismatic bicultural and bilingual face of Norms, who embodies the warmth and familiarity for which every Norms Restaurant is already known,” according to a release. The work continues the usage of Norm’s longtime tag, “Where Life Happens."

“With our diverse clientele and Moontide's distinct omnicultural storytelling approach…, we aim to convey Norms’ unique dining experience in relatable ways that everyone can appreciate," said Wyatt in a release.

In addition to the new Hollywood location, the chain has announced plans to open a Las Vegas store, just west of the famous Las Vegas strip. The new 24/7 diner will serve beer and wine and have countertop slots ubiquitous to every restaurant in Sin City.

“We’re excited … to grow outside of Southern California for the first time in our almost 75-year history,” Wyatt told Marketing Daily.  “We will be opening in Las Vegas in summer of 2024.”


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