The Big News On ABC News: ABC News, Roadside Attack

For the second straight day, ABC journalists were in the difficult position of covering the traumatic story of "World News Tonight" co-anchor Bob Woodruff and network cameraman Doug Vogt.

Woodruff and Vogt's battles to recover from injuries suffered in a roadside attack Sunday in Iraq led ABC's "World News Tonight" newscast yesterday, just as they did the day before. Woodruff's co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas anchored the program solo both Sunday and Monday.

Vargas said both men were showing signs of improvement, but "still face a long road of recovery ahead." Both men were at a U.S. military hospital in Germany.

Woodruff's brother, David, spoke with "World News Tonight" and expressed optimism that Woodruff would recover. "WNT" also featured a closing piece yesterday about the outpouring of support ABC has received in the two days since Woodruff and Vogt were injured while traveling with the Iraqi military.

Woodruff and Vargas took over as permanent co-anchors of "WNT" earlier this month.



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