MediaGo Forms Integration With Amazon Publisher Services

MediaGo is working with Amazon Publisher Services (APS) to help publishers leverage Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM).

MediaGo, powered by neural network technology, is a deep learning-based intelligent advertising platform under the Baidu Global Business Unit.

Thanks to this arrangement, APS publishers will have access to increased revenue potential from advertisers that work with MediaGo. This includes APAC search and ecommerce buyers buying programmatic for the first time, the company says. 

In addition, MediaGo advertisers can now reach an additional premium traffic channel. 

MediaGo serves over 10,000 global advertisers.

“We are excited that this enhanced integration will help publishers access differentiated demand for their advertising inventory,” says Brian Mun, director of global partnerships for the Baidu Global Business Unit. 

Mun adds, “For years, we have invested in deep learning to maximize return on investment (ROI) for our partners globally. Through this collaboration with APS’ TAM, we can also bring this technology to bridge the gap between publishers and global advertisers.”




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