The Eugene Weekly Is Back In Print After Embezzlement

The Eugene Weekly, a newspaper that almost went under after funds were embezzled, will be back on Feb. 8 with a print edition. 

It will publish around 25,000 print copies, according to Associated Press. 

The announcement came after at least $150,000 in donations were raised to support the paper. 

The editor, Camilla Mortensen, is returning to the paper, along with three other staff members, according to the New York Times. 

The small print weekly based in Eugene, Oregon, was embezzled by an employee to the tune of “thousands and thousands of dollars,” and is in danger of going out of business, according to a letter titled, “Where’s the Damn Paper?”

The staff writes, “Shortly before Christmas, we discovered that EW had been the victim of embezzlement at the hands of someone we once trusted.” 



The letter continues, “We had to lay off the entire 10-person staff EW three days before Christmas. One of our biggest creditors, our printer, says it will print EW again only if we pay upfront.”

The paper reportedly owed $70,000 to the printer at that time. 



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