'The State' Reduces Print, Emphasizes Digital

The State, a South Carolina daily newspaper, has changed its business model, going from a “a print-based company with a presence online to a digitally-focused operation slowly de-emphasizing the printed product,” it says in a post. 

The paper will become a “24/7 digital product with printed editions on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays” on April 22, it adds. 

Print editions will continue to appear on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they will be delivered by postal carriers. Sunday editions will be delivered on Saturdays. 

The change follows a pattern seen in newspapers throughout the country.  

For instance, numerous Gannett papers have reduced their print editions and switched to postal delivery. 

“The transition from carrier to Postal Service delivery will ensure we can provide a more consistent experience for our valued subscribers,” Michael A. Anastasi, vice president of Local News for Gannett, recently said.  



The State acknowledges that the changes will disappoint some readers.  

“The hard truth is the world has changed underneath us,” it writes. “The vast majority of our readers and subscribers are already reading us on digital devices.” 

It adds, “Advertising has mostly gone online as well – all while the costs of printing and delivering a print product continue to escalate. It’s the right time for this next step in our evolution.”


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