IPG CEO Krakowsky Received 9% Pay Bump In 2023

Interpublic CEO Phillippe Krakowsky received a 9% bump in total compensation in 2023 to a little more than $14.4 million, according to the firm’s proxy statement issued earlier this week.  

That’s more growth than the company delivered last year. But, as the summary compensation table in the proxy statement notes, last year's compensation includes  long-term incentives that were granted in prior years. So a significant portion of Krakowsky's total pay last year was not tied to 2023 performance, but to growth achieved from Jan 2021 to Jan 2022. 

IPG's full-year organic net revenue climbed just 0.1% last year. Which was in the neighborhood of the growth delivered by WPP, although CEO Mark Read didn’t fare so well in the pay department. 



Read in fact took a 33% reduction in total compensation to 4,498,000 GBP.  

Omnicom CEO John Wren leads the pack with total comp last year of $20-plus million, slightly less than he made in 2022.  

IPG’s proxy statement announced the company’s annual meeting will be held May 23 in virtual format only.  

The second highest paid executive at IPG last year was CFO Ellen Johnson who received total compensation of about $5.2 million, a little less than she earned in 2022.  

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