Is Your Agency Team Burned Out By The Pace Of Change?

Source: Harris Poll-The Grossman Group

Digital transformation and other factors have made change a constant across many industries, especially advertising and marketing. What impact is that change having on your workforce? 

According to a survey from Stagwell’s Harris Poll and The Grossman Group, 76% of employees and 63% of managers report feeling burned out or ambivalent in their current position. 



But, the survey found managers aren’t recognizing just how overwhelmed employees feel. 89% of managers believe employees are thriving, but only 24% of employees feel that way. 

58% of burned-out employees and managers strongly agree they are mentally exhausted while 54% agree they are overwhelmed in their current role.  

Top drivers of employee burnout: constant change, unnecessary work and turnover.  

Thriving employees cite a manager invested in their success (61%), empathetic manager (57%) and approachable senior leadership (53%).  

See more from the report here.  


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