Quack, Dunk, Repeat: Duck Donuts Flies Into Loyalty

Connoisseurship has come even to donuts in recent years. Lush flavor combinations, customizations, sheer size – have all become product differentiators as a number of regional fan favorites extend their footprints. With over 155 locations, the 17-year-old Duck Donuts was ahead of this curve in customized dunkers. But how does it expand and defend its brand in this hot category?

The Duck Donut brand is as much taste as experience. You not only build your box from varieties, you dictate glazes, coatings, sprinkle, drizzle combinations that are then delivered warm. Over the years the company has introduced other coffee and meal options, and most recently added an SMS QuackChat loyalty program.

Joining us to talk donuts, local expansion and brand building is CEO Betsy Hamm. Betsy Came to Duck seven years ago after a long career at Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. You can listen to the entire podcast at this link.

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