Yahoo DSP Unveils 'Unified' TV Audience Data Combining ACR, Set-Tops

Yahoo Advertising is starting up a blended dataset for TV advertisers -- Yahoo Unified TV Audiences -- that  combines smart TV ACR (automated content recognition) data and linear set-top box data.
Launch partner, eBay, witnessed a 52% increase in campaign reach across devices that also resulted in their connected TV campaigns outperforming benchmarks, in terms of attention metrics, by 7%. 
The campaign, using Unified TV Audiences, helped eBay get to 49% higher conversion rates versus consumers who were not exposed to eBay’s CTV ads. 
The company says Unified TV Audiences will help Yahoo demand-side platform advertisers across 108 million U.S. households, with added effort from more than 205 million logged-in U.S. users from its cookie-less ID, Yahoo ConnectID.
Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, chief review officer at Yahoo, says Unified TV Audiences is necessary when it comes to a growing landscape of TV viewership data that is fragmented and complex. Brands need a holistic view of the TV ecosystem, she adds.



Yahoo gets its ACR data from smart TV measurement companies such as Vizio’s Inscape, in addition to set-top box data from a number of providers. 

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, June 6, 2024 at 11:01 a.m.

    Why do they keep confusing the terms set usage with "viewing"? The average TV home resident "watches" barely half the time when a household set is tuned in to either linear TV or streamingTV. Which means that you've got an average error margin of 50% if you try to equate set usage with individual viewing.

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