Podcasts Offered Mobile Tool For Recording And Editing

Podcast hosting platform Podbean has introduced an AI-powered creative tool called the Mobile Recording Studio. 

The new offering allows podcasters to record and edit their podcasts from the Podbean app. 

The goal is to help creators “deliver top-notch content with greater ease and effectiveness,” says David Xu, CEO of Podbean.

Zu adds, “it’s never been easier to launch and maintain a professionally-produced podcast.” 

The AI technology removes long silences and reduces background noise, while leveling the audio. In addition, it generates chapter markers and transcripts to boost podcast deliverability, the company claims.

According to Podbeam, Mobile Recording Studio also provides: 

  • Enhanced audio quality 
  • SEO optimization
  • Easy editing 

The mobile integration also facilitates the generation of the episode title and description for the podcasts instead of forcing podcasters to manually type long episode descriptions on their phones.  

Podbean hopes to equip podcasters with “cutting-edge tools that will enable quality podcast production that builds audience engagement and opens up new monetization avenues,” Xu continues. 






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