Lexus, Luxury Appliance Maker Monogram Partner For Bespoke Vehicle

Lexus and luxury appliance brand Monogram are unveiling a bespoke concept vehicle specially designed for culinary, spirit, and wine aficionados.

The Monogram GX will be leveraged by both brands for upcoming marketing events and initiatives. It will debut this weekend at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado.

The luxury vehicle puts a new spin on the road trip experience by pairing luxury cooking items and a high-end bar experience.

Inspired by the Monogram Designer Collection, Lexus and Monogram consulted with the luxury appliance brand’s creative director and interior designer, Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, to bring this concept vehicle to life.

"Alongside the industrial design team at Monogram, Richard looked through an elevated lens to further heighten the vehicle’s refined style and proportions," according to the automaker. "The Monogram GX features two-toned camel leather custom patterned interior, an emphasis on brass and titanium metal, Dekton slate stone accents, custom rims, and exterior detailing. The brands tapped the team at Complete Customs to build and engineer" the vehicle.



Highlights include a Monogram 30” Smart Flush Hearth Oven, handcrafted to capture the performance of a wood-fired brick oven perfect for preparing pizza, artisanal bread, or fresh roasted branzino. 

A Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press is the first and only heated ice press in the U.S.

The Wine & Spirits Bar, positioned within the trunk driver-side door, includes a bar kit, glassware, bitters and a folding cutting board.

Additional elements in the vehicle include a plating station and exterior wine and bourbon storage.

A redesigned Lexus GX debuted earlier this year. The large luxury SUV has off-road capabilities including squared-off body lines and increased ground clearance. It offers up to three rows of seating and the advanced Lexus Interface system.

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