Pinterest Announces Automated Ad Tools For Brand-Safety Measurement, Campaign Performance

In preparation for Cannes Lions, which will have a strong focus on advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), Pinterest is sharing new details about how it is leveraging automation to offer advertisers new tools for improved campaign performance, creative, and brand-safety measurement on the platform.

Pinterest’s new automated campaigns fall under “Performance+,” which the social-media company says brings together its latest AI and automation features in order to make it “easier and quicker” for marketers to create ad campaigns on the image and video-sharing platform.

The closed-beta system is built to automatically match marketers’ campaigns with the correct audience and drive results.

According to the company, some brands are seeing improved results in alpha testing.

“Most advertisers saw a 10%+ improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) for Conversion and Catalog sales campaigns or a 10%+ improvement in CPC for Consideration campaigns,” Pinterest said in a recent statement. “In addition, the suite of Performance+ tools decreases campaign creation time significantly with 50% less inputs required.”



In line with other major social-media companies like Meta, Pinterest is also introducing automated background generation in the United States.

Powered by an app-specific generative AI foundation model, the platform is testing the creation of personalized lifestyle backgrounds to boost engagement around Product Pins.

“Using signals reflecting US Pinterest users’ taste, the feature generates backgrounds personalized to users’ aesthetics, such as ‘Japandi,’ ‘Organic Modern’ or ‘Minimalism,’” the company says. “For instance, instead of seeing a chair on a white surface, users will see the same chair with a personalized background reflecting their aesthetics in home decor.”

For a social platform designed around trending aesthetics, Pinterest's proposed use of generative AI could provide brands with an opportunity to attract more users who align with a certain look.

In addition, Pinterest is testing “Collages,” which allows advertisers to tag products and promote them as a Showcase or Collection ad, offering users the choice to click the product and learn more about the brand. The company says it is working with a small group of advertisers across retail and beauty, including Nike, Wayfair, NYX Professional Makeup, John Lewis, and Bumble.

Pinterest plans to expand Collages access to more advertisers in the coming months under its new Ad Labs innovation program, which includes all of Pinterest’s evolving generative AI features powered by personalized insights and interactive shopping capabilities.

“Our goal is to encourage experimentation and to learn from advertiser feedback so we can bring the best new tools to market quickly,” the company says.

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