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Dunkin'Terns Make Their First Appearance In New Dunkin' Iced Drink Ad Effort


The celebs just keep on coming. Dunkin’ broke its latest ad effort this week, continuing on its successful Super Bowl campaign featuring Ben Affleck’s DunKings by introducing the interns. Actually they’re Dunkin’terns, comprised of, you guessed it, various other celebrities.

According to the company, the DunKings are on a “well-deserved summer break.” They have accordingly passed their spokespeople and intern training duties to two new ambassadors, played by actor Will Arnett and content creator Corporate Natalie.

In the hero spot, the two present the Dunkin’Terns, comprised of entertainers (and Backstreet Boys’ vets) Joey Fatone and A.J. McLean, Chef Nick DiGiovanni, Designer Yoon Ahn, Twitch streamer SypherPK, actress Maia Reficco and additional content creators including Miss Massachusetts USA 2024 winner Melissa Sapini and stylist Hilton Carter.



They introduce the Dunkin’ summer goal: use “Big Dunkin’ Iced Energy” to push the iced summer menu. The slogan, an obvious nod to Greta Gerwig’s Barbie “Kenergy!” mantra/song, is used to promote the chain’s iced coffee, Dunkin’ Refreshers and SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’.

The ad serves as an introduction to a season-long marketing effort, which encompasses a multi-part episodic campaign throughout the summer created by “Dunkin’s continued partnership with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Artists Equity.”

The brand’s blogpost teased what’s to come from the campaign this summer. Joey Fatone and A.J. McLean will “record the next song of the summer inspired by… Iced Coffee, which will be featured on Dunkin’s first EP.”

Chef Nick DiGiovanni will team up with Dunkin’s chef Dan Cole to create “the ultimate Iced Coffee Mixology… including a Blueberry Donut Iced Coffee.” A Chef Nick menu is also in the works.  

Ambush Designer Yoon Ahn will drop a capsule collection inspired by the color of Dunkin’ Refreshers late summer.

SypherPK has partnered with Twitch Rivals to introduce SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’ to the virtual world with a competitive gaming arena, created in conjunction with Oni Studios and to be released later this summer.

Customers can expect additional appearances from actress Maia Reficco, Miss Massachusetts USA 2024 winner Melissa Sapini, stylist Hilton Carter and other influencers all summer.

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