Publishing Jobs Are Way Down In New York City

The number of news jobs has plummeted in that publishing center: New York City. 

There were 77,200 publishing jobs in the post-pandemic period of 2022. But that figure has fallen to 70,400 as of May 2024, according to a report published in The City.

That’s still higher than the 69,500 positions in the pre-pandemic period.

Layoffs have occurred at several publishing firms, including Business Insider, Forbes, New York Daily News, Conde Nast, the report states; and startup The Messenger shut down suddenly in January after less than a year.  

Employment has also fallen off in the motion figure field. There were 43,000 jobs in May, compared to 58,400 in 2022 and 55,900 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

PR jobs have also suffered — they are down to 35,500, versus 42,400 in 2022 and 38,700 pre-pandemic. 

There are fewer media streaming positions — 35,500, which is down from 42,400 in 2022 and 38,700 before the pandemic. 

Overall, the city added 57,000 jobs in the first five months of the year, the gains coming in the low-paying home health care sector, according to The City





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