Pick Influential Search Engine By Category, But Yahoo! Safe Bet

Pick Influential Search Engine By Category, But Yahoo! Safe Bet

Findings from BIGresearch's latest Simultaneous Media Survey show that Yahoo! is the overall #1 search engine choice for most influential on purchase decisions and Google is number 4. Media influence and/or engagement are hot topics in today's ROI driven ad world concludes the report.

Joe Pilotta, VP of Research at BIGresearch. Says "When you look at the impact of Internet Advertising on specific purchase decisions and not just click throughs, the impact of internet advertising is a different story," For example, the influence on electronics purchases showed Google #1 followed by Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and Ask Jeeves.

Influence of Internet Advertising on Purchase Decisions (Ranked by Search Engine Preference)





1. Google

1. Yahoo!

1. MSN

1. AOL

2. Yahoo!

2. AOL

2. Yahoo!

2. Yahoo!

3. MSN

3. MSN

3. Google

3. Ask Jeeves

4. AOL

4. Google

4. Ask Jeeves

4. MSN

5. Ask Jeeves

5. Ask Jeeves

5. AOL

5. Google

Source: BIGresearch, February 2006

"If we tally the ranking of search engines' influence on category purchase decisions...Yahoo! (is) number 1 with a score of 13, with 1st or 2nd place finishes in every category, MSN number 2 at 21, AOL number 3 at 23, Google number 4 at 26 and Ask Jeeves number 5 at 32..." said Pilotta.

As Pilotta points out, share, as measured by Nielsen//Netratings, may not be the precursor of the important influence on purchase.

Google, Yahoo! & MSN Share of Search, June-Nov. 2005 (U.S. Home & Work)


Share of Searches

Share of Searches


Search engine

June 2005

Nov. 2005

(000) in Nov. 2005

Google Search




Yahoo! Search




MSN Search




Source: Nielsen//NetRatings MegaView Search, January 2006

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