Permission Granted

Infinite choice is infinitely irritating.

That's what viewers say about having to select from among approximately 1,961 shows and their ad muck. Wouldn't it be nice to unwind with original content and ads you want to watch? That's the thinking behind Internet-based PermissionTV, a "high-quality television experience that creates a one-to-one relationship with broadband viewers," according to Dave Graves, the firm's CEO.

On the surface, the model appears similar to Brightcove, which offers branded video content from the likes of AOL and The New York Times (bundled with ads, naturally). PermissionTV goes one step further by helping advertisers engage targeted viewers craving their content and ads.

PermissionTV enables media companies to create brand-specific, on-demand channels. By watching such channels, viewers grant advertisers "permission" to receive ads. When audiences kick back with a channel like Update Hollywood, which offers movie and DVD tidbits, viewers can click on a sponsored ad to instantly buy featured flicks.

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