Ad Spy

Need to know when your competition makes a move in the marketplace? Forget waiting days or even hours for newspaper clippings, audio- or videotapes, or other competitive intelligence. Now you can know in real time what products and services your competitors are advertising and on which media, as well as the campaign dates, markets, and media costs. And you can view both high-quality images of the creative and complete stats over the Internet through AdScope, an all-digital ad identification and retrieval service launched by TNS Media Intelligence in June.

Subscribers can see high-quality creative on their own "My AdScope" site. They can also search for a specific ad or the most recent ad and can do a quick search or detailed search. Each ad is accompanied by a written description. Alerts can be set up to notify the user whenever there is new activity on a brand. Criteria can be changed as often as needed in real time. One-time reports are also available à la carte.

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