Standard, Flash, or Rich Media Banner Finalists

Freestyle Interactive


Chris Gatewood, Creative Director, Copywriter; Andrew Schmeling, Creative Director; Hiro Mori, Art Director; Franz Gabriel, Designer; Joshua Hart, Programmer; Suzanne Baxter, Producer; Stacy Stevenson, Director

Few ads ever achieve the "you've gotta see this" factor that Freestyle Interactive's "Dolby Storm" banner did. The ad, designed to show consumers that Dolby technologies make entertainment more lifelike, featured a realistic approaching storm. Visitors clicked to create dramatic lightning strikes and earth-shattering thunder.

The banner achieved an interaction rate in the mid-teens; the campaign click-through rate was more than eight times the industry average of 0.20 percent. Site traffic increased 127 percent during the campaign.

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Incognito Digital, LLC


Incognito Digital: Elizabeth Bleser and Kendall Allen, Managing Directors; Sheau Hui Ching, Creative Director; Michael Hoydich and Mark Gray, Managing Partners MediaStorm: Joseph Weaver, Media Director

Translating the feel of a TV show into a banner ad is challenging. In this case, Incognito Digital not only nailed the raw energy of the Speed Channel's drag-racing show "PINKS," it added great interactive elements without distracting from the message.

A scratchy, scrolling backdrop evoked both a car's-eye view of a road and an old reel of film going through a projector. A four-panel display promoted "PINKS: The Game," a video, theme music, and a sign-up for "PINKS" alerts. The banner moved users to interact with the brand and reminded them to tune in for the third season of the series.

Modem Media

Mark Galley, VP, Creative Director; Sloan Broderick, VP, Account Director, Marketing

"Does Your Tech Job Suck?" asked this blunt, catchy banner for, a job search site for technology professionals. The banner, designed by Modem Media, invited users to type in a brief "rant." As many as 500-plus per day cycled through the banner in real-time, in the style of a live chat. (Modem retained some filtering oversight.)

The banner lured 8,400 ranters over 45 days, and interaction times averaged seven minutes; for those who interacted more than three times, the average was 18 minutes.

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