Standard, Flash, or Rich Media Expandable Banner Finalists

Arnold Worldwide


Matt Lindley, Jay Williams, Co-Executive Creative Directors; Jamie Ferreira, Creative Director; Adam Kiryk, Art Director; Stephanie Dehner, Copywriter; Thibault Kim, Rebecca Frydman, Flash Designers; Tom Lerra, Claudine Kaprielian, Producers; Armin Molavi, Laura McCarthy, Whitney Gilchrist, Kay Bradley, Account Management

Sometimes consumers want to be couch potatoes while browsing the Web. This ad  promoting the release of the Motorola L6 phone exclusively through RadioShack  obliges, running like a TV commercial.

The Flash ad requires no user interaction; it pops out of the middle of the page like a genie released from a bottle and expands. At the end, it folds up and parks itself at the top of the page.

The high-tech-looking vector art perfectly accentuates the phone's elegant and sophisticated appearance.

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Glow Interactive

The History Channel

Glow Interactive: Mike Molnar, Managing Director; Ted Kacandes, President and Chief Creative Officer

EyeWonder: Nora Gane, Northeast Account Manager

The campaign for the History Channel's "10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America" leveraged EyeWonder's Video Expandable Ad format to serve an ambitious objective: Provide one-minute video previews of 10 different films, driving viewers to tune in via an e-mail- and mobile-based reminder feature.

Glow offered nearly a minute of video before each episode of the History Channel series. Viewers could access video clips, a synopsis of the series, a book promotion, reminders, and an interactive quiz.

Interaction rates averaged as high as 25 percent on some sites, and interaction time averaged as high as 45 seconds.

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Real Branding

Cîroc Vodka

Jason Bucky, Creative Director; Mike Zientara, Associate Creative Director; Kevin Lee, Art Director; Thomas Lanaux, Sr. Designer; Derek Richmond, Director of Project Management; Alex Flores, Sr. Account Manager; Megan Johnson, Account Executive

For skeptics who thought they would never drink a colorless French liquid unless it was Evian, this ad changed minds. At first a visitor might think the browser has been hijacked; the entire page takes on a blue tint. Then a grape appears and sinks to the bottom. That's when it hits users: This is a beautiful ad.

The impact lingers. The concept is brilliant, the design is eye candy, and the programming is flawlessly executed. Call it a tour-de-Flash.

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