In-Banner Video Finalists

A great video turns a traditional banner into a richly satisfying experience that leads viewers on a quest for more.

Beyond Interactive


Daria Laucello, Creative Director; Marcel Humes, Designer

Since the invention of the TV mute button, commercials have had to work both visually and aurally.

That was no problem for Beyond Interactive, whose video for Nokia 8801 showed clean, crisp black-and-white silhouettes of human forms complemented by similar lines conjured by Nokia's sleek new telephone. Beyond wanted the look and

feel of the ad to dovetail with the sleek and sophisticated phone. Softly spoken words rise from the soundtrack, but Beyond also inserted them as text into the video.

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Ogilvyone Worldwide


Jan Leth, Bruce Lee, Executive Creative Directors; Jill McClabb, Mark Millar, Group Creative Directors; Bruce Henderson, Creative Director; Charlie Kane, Garry McKinley, Associate Creative Directors; Witold Riedel, Art Director; Ping Lin, Designer; Jon Rubino, Programmer

In keeping with Ameritrade's belief that the active trader sees the world differently, spotting trends and then spontaneously buying the stock, OgilvyOne created an ad series depicting one trader's story as he runs a marathon  and gets inspired to make a deal in the middle of the race. "I see the world through trader's eyes," he explains. The content got users to do the same, garnering three times the average click-through rate and two times the average lead generation rate. Clearly, a race well run.

True North Inc.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment/"The Muppet Show"

Anna Frost, Senior Online Brand Manager; Lori Cohen, Senior Brand Manager; Tom Goosmann, Chief Creative

This delightful ad begins cleverly with Fozzie Bear shouting silently at us to "Turn on the sound!" Then he surrenders the mainstage to Kermit the Frog, who announces the arrival of the first season of "The Muppet Show" on DVD. Then Miss Piggy sweetly announces that there's a video clip "starring moi" before getting pushy and demanding, "What are you waiting for? Roll the clip already."

The highlight reel that follows contains classic clips from show, a trailer for the first-season DVD, and a list of the DVD's special features.

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