Long-Form Video Finalists

Consumers love online video, so marketers have begun using it to promote brands in this highly compelling format that lends itself to viral distribution.

Brand New World USA

McNeil Nutritionals/ Splenda

Brand New World USA: Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer; Mark Risis, Executive Producer; Lee Scharfstein, Ian Weatherseed, Producers; Brian Brown, Creative Director; Lindsay Bourget, Lead Designer; Michael Meikson, Flash Programming; Alexandre Fedorintchik, Flash Animation

McNeil Nutritionals: Bill Donovan, Brand Manager; Eric Dahmer, Associate Brand Manager

A fourth-grade nerd who enters his muffins in the state fair; a Pennsylvania couple who relish their Scottish shortbread recipe; an exotic-bird breeder in Florida who makes sweet treats for her grateful husband. What do they all have in common? All use McNeil Nutritionals' sugar substitute Splenda, as seen in docu-style Webisodes that are part of the campaign "Splenda Journey."

More than 71 percent of Web surfers steered to the site by pre-roll content on AOL watched an entire five-minute Webisode.

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Georgia Pacific/ Brawny Paper Towels

Roger Camp, Creative Director; Kris Wixom, Art Director; Alisa Wixom, Copywriter; Brian DiLorenzo, Executive Producer; Amy Lundeen, Jennifer David, Producers; Sandra Nam, Interactive Producer; Eric Frost, Interactive Group Head/Copywriter; Andy Gugel, Interactive Art Director; Chris Wolffe, Interactive Copywriter; Paul Silburn, Creative Director; Mark Taylor, Creative Director; Lowisa Aimgren, Art Director; Andy Amadeo, Art Director

Call it "Brawny Eye for the Messy Guy." Fallon's engaging reality series "Brawny Academy" brings eight guys to a forest for a series of cleaning lessons led by the stoic Brawny Man. The Webisodes led to an 880 percent increase in call volume. And a Dynamic Logic study showed that consumer response to Brawny as "a brand that supports women" increased by 44 percent among site viewers.

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Ryan Parternship

Dove/Dove night 

Beth Olsen, Sr. Project Manager; Jennifer Miller, Creative Director; Mary Shaw, Interactive Producer; Tama Ordway, Designer; Marsha Elbourne, Copywriter

Felicity Huffman is best known to TV viewers as a desperate housewife. But in the "Nighttime Classics" Webisodes for Unilever's Dove Calming Night shower gel, Huffman was just desperate for a good night's sleep after another trying day with the kids. The solution: a relaxing evening shower  and a bedtime visit to some classic sitcoms.

Thanks to some clever digital editing, Huffman got to ask June Cleaver why she does housework wearing pearls, praise Lily Munster as a "goth Martha Stewart," and riff on Bogie with Peter Brady.

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