Use of Music or Sound Finalists

The way to the heart and consumers' attention may be through the ears.


Georgia Pacific/Brawny Paper Towels

Roger Camp, Creative Director; Kris Wixom, Art Director; Alisa Wixom, Copywriter; Brian DiLorenzo, Executive Producer; Amy Lundeen, Jennifer David, Producers; Sandra Nam, Interactive Producer; Eric Frost, Interactive Group Head/Copywriter; Andy Gugel, Interactive Art Director; Chris Wolffe, Interactive Copywriter; Paul Silburn, Creative Director; Mark Taylor, Creative Director; Lowisa Aimgren, Art Director; Andy Amadeo, Art Director

Never underestimate the power of an immersive online experience, especially when it comes to sound. Fallon took this into account when it created a Web site for "Brawny Academy," matching rustic visuals with impressively layered and textured sound effects that solidified the manly but sensitive qualities of Brawny paper towels. In particular, the sound effects for paper sliding on and off screen are both familiar and evocative without being intrusive or annoying.

The entire sound package has a serene quality to it that somehow diffuses the digitally savvy nature of the site and allows anyone to "get back to nature" within the safety of their own computer screen.

Click here to see Fallon's brief.

Organic, Inc.

Sony Pictures

Christian Haas, Group Creative Director; Ben Citron, ACD/Copywriter; Jacob Ford, ACD/Art Director; Celia von Bernuth, Account Manager

Showcasing the concept of audio functionality, Organic's campaign for the Sony Pictures remake of "The Pink Panther" gave people the chance to release their inner comedians. Using audio clips from the movie, the ad let anyone mix and match nonsensical phrases from Steve Martin's Inspector Clouseau, creating even more hilarious nonsensical phrases.

Click here to see Organic's brief.


Kraft Foods/OREO

Viewpoint: Alicia Dooley, Manager of Advertising Operations

Mike Gilbride, Account Manager

Modem Media: Charlie Douglas, Creative Director

Kraft Foods/OREO: Greg Marino

Unicast, the advertising division of Viewpoint Corporation, provided an interactive platform for an OREO/Modem Media ad that enabled the client to conduct its own OREO & Milk Jingle contest within a banner ad format. The resulting "audience participation" approach allowed viewers to listen to five streaming video musical performances of the OREO jingle by the contest finalists.  

Within the banner environment, users were able to view the five contest finalists singing the OREO & Milk Jingle, and were then redirected to an OREO landing page where they could vote for their favorite performance. The Web site provided contest details and captured users' votes.

The innovative use of interactivity, streaming video, and audio provided viewers with a unique and exciting brand engagement experience online.

Click here to see Viewpoint's brief.

For more information about the OMMA Awards ceremony go here.

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