Content Integration Finalists

The best integrations don't interrupt a user's experience, they complement it, adding value and increasing brand awareness.


American Express

AOL: Chris Maccaro, Sales Director; Alex Shen, Sales Support Manager; Matthew Evans, Programming Director; Kristin Rolla, Programming Director; Caroline Chin, Nancy Doyle, Sales Integration Senior Managers; Stephanie Bernstein, Sales Development Director; Brent Spitzer, Regional Sales Director; John Sedlak, Regional Vice President; Inna Kern, Sales Development Director

Digitas: Mark Kiernan, SVP, Dir. Acct. Management; Franke Rodriguez, Manager Acct. Management; Lincoln Bjorkman, SVP, Executive Creative Director; Kenan Aktulun, VP, Creative Director; Henry Min, Associate Creative Director; Grace Cham, Art Director; Whitney Hess, Interaction Designer; Min Chung, Benny Blanco, Flash Designers; Erin Stitzel, Gail Thupvong, Copywriters; Jackie Stone, VP, Director of Promotions; Alla Elkind, Manager of Promotions; Heather Craig, Manager of Delivery Management; Terry Fortunate, Senior Associate of Delivery Management

AOL Moviefone built on a partnership with Amex and the Tribeca Film Festival to develop and secure Tribeca movie assets and integrate them throughout a host of AOL properties, including Moviefone, CityGuide, AOL Television, AOL Video Hub, and network main pages. The campaign, targeting 18- to 54-year-olds, encouraged users to submit their own mini-movies representing their lives and the role Amex plays in them. Moviemaker M. Night Shyamalan participated in a video that highlighted his own outlook on life to kick off the campaign. The campaign drew 1,730 submissions through the month of April. Additionally, the online ad campaign had a .36 percent cumulative click-through rate, and the AOL Tribeca Hub generated four times more traffic than originally forecast.

MediaStorm and Tuesday Group

NBC Universal On Demand

MediaStorm: Craig Woerz, Managing Partner; Elisa Lufler Milano, Media Director; Chad Urice, Media Director; Jennifer Chittem, Senior Planner; Joseph Weaver, Director, Interactive Media NBC Universal On Demand; Stacy Melle, VP, Marketing On Demand; Gena Nason, Director of Marketing On Demand

Tuesday Group: Paula Tade, Executive Producer

To promote the video-on-demand version of the blockbuster comedy "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," MediaStorm drew on one of the film's key scenes, in which Steve Carell's title character submits to having his chest waxed. The agency devised a game, Man-O-Lantern, which recreated the waxing scene within a peel-back unit. Users were invited to paint virtual wax on an animated Carell, then peel it back and watch him grimace. Response rates outperformed the industry average by astronomical amounts (between 1,000 and 2,500 percent). The game, which was integrated into Imbd's title page for the movie, saw an average of 10,000 plays a day during a three-day flight window. The unit also included a video trailer, photo gallery, and a direct link to film's landing page.

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Scott Witt, VP, Group Director; Jonathan Hsia, Interactive Supervisor; Tracey Hakes, Interactive Planner

In hopes of persuading teens that Sprite is a hip, urban brand, the agency created a portal on MSN, The Refreshing Wall, which enabled users to create digital graffiti in a virtual cityscape. The branding was understated: a Sprite logo complemented by lemon-and-lime stamps, colors, and backgrounds. The agency didn't include Sprite taglines. Users weren't as restrained; they submitted graffiti with Sprite taglines like "Obey Your Thirst." The community grew to more than 1 million users, becoming the No. 1 most-trafficked area on MSN. Users averaged six minutes per session at the site.

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