Age Segmentation Dictates Value of Mobile Services

Age Segmentation Dictates Value of Mobile Services

Reported by eMarketer, NOP World surveyed people in North America, Europe and Asia who are mobile phone users and have access to the Internet to determine the type of mobile content people prefer and how much they are will to pay for such services.

The study found that people prefer content that is useful when they are "out and about," that the delivery method depends on the type of content; downloading for games; streaming and browsing for services that update frequently.

Downloading ring tones proved to be the most popular use of mobile content services among respondents, with downloading icons or screensavers the second most popular use by a significant percentage.

Popular Mobile Content Usage by Phone Users with Access to Internet

  • Download ring tones 40%
  • Download icons/screensavers 22%

Source: NOP World/Nokia, April 2004

According to the report, mobile phone users say they would pay 28% more than their current mobile fees for mobile content services, while 48% of the respondents who have never used mobile content, say they would (use expanded services) if the services were cheaper.

Essentially, younger respondents are willing to pay more for mobile content services, but older respondents are not willing to pay as much. However, there was little difference between the sexes in terms of their willingness to pay more for mobile content.

One factor for this age gap posited is that there might be the greater familiarity among younger users with similar technology such as the Internet, while older users need more education to use mobile services, dissuading them from wanting to pay more or understanding the value of such products.

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