Communications Channel Plan Finalists

These campaigns leveraged specific channels to powerful effect, bringing clients' brands to consumers in surprising ways.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Slim Jim

Jim Poh, VP, Director of Creative Content Distribution; Brian Hoar, Media Planner

You've probably seen one of those viral videos of guys doing crazy stunts on skateboards, bikes, and snowboards that have been circulating around the Web. So did Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which enhanced some of these consumer-created videos with a brand ambassador for client Slim Jim. "Fairy Snapmother," a grungy, trash-talking dude with dragonfly wings, was inserted into the videos, encouraging would-be daredevils with a tough-love whack from an unopened Slim Jim snack.

In magazines, the Fairy Snapmother appeared next to photos of similar athletic feats, implying that he  and Slim Jim  were the real inspiration for these "snap moments." Blueprints for a half-pipe measured to scale with Slim Jim were distributed in action-sport publications under the headline, "Build Your Dream Snap: The History of Motivational Tools." Online and in an urban guerrilla campaign, Slim Jim and Snapmother have helped boost sales by 45 percent so far this year.


Procter & Gamble/Crest

MediaVest: Steve Widman, Assistant Strategy Director; Joshua Spiegelman, Assistant Strategy Director; Dean Goodboe, Strategy Associate; Sarah Kramer, Strategy Director; Nicole Accordino, Strategy Director; Melinda Cheng, Associate Strategy Director

Saatchi & Saatchi: Laura Fruit, Account Executive; Janet Thompson, VP, Management Supervisor; Mollie Rosen, SVP, Management Director

Burrell: Tanya Davis, Account Executive; Tereska Haman, Account Executive

Conill: Denise Garcia, Account Executive

Devries: Torri Leeds, Senior Account Supervisor; Liv Lewis, Senior Account Supervisor; Rebecca Dickson, SVP; Cliff Berman, Managing Director

Mediavest calls the target for Crest Whitening Plus Scope Extreme "Screenagers"  young people ages 18 to 34, active users of social networking sites and instant messaging. MediaVest's "What's Your Irresistibility IQ?" campaign hit multiple channels with a quiz (sample question: "Tonight is destined to be special; what do you wear?"), which went online alongside dating tips from MTV personality Nick Cannon and matchmaker Samantha Daniels. MediaVest created an imaginary "Miss Irresistibility" on MySpace and customized the quiz for,, and placements in bars and clubs, allowing users to take the quiz via mobile phone. With, the campaign held a "speed dating" event in Times Square, covered on "ET on MTV" and "The Insider."

In just over two months, the campaign received more than 290,000 quiz completions and more than 30,500 MySpace friends. The Crest Whitening Plus Scope product line grew by 23 percent compared to 2005.

TM Advertising


James Hering, Director of Integrated Marketing; Sheryl Standifer, Media Director; Dave Russell, Director of New Media; Rachel Stiver, Associate Media Director; LJ Kobe, Interactive Media Supervisor; Sujatha Parthasarathy, Media Supervisor

This campaign started small: TM Advertising was hired to create a wallscape in downtown Columbus, Ohio, the home of insurance company Nationwide.

In three panels, the "Life Comes at You Fast" campaign showed a Harlequin book cover-style picture  a long-haired, shirtless hunk embracing a lovely, corseted damsel  at three different ages to illustrate the concept of growing old in a lighthearted way.

Taking the campaign to its next logical step, tm enlisted Fabio, the ultimate romance-novel cover boy, for a self-deprecating TV spot featuring him as an aging gondolier. The spot played during the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympic Games, which tm milked with a special TiVo showcase.

Eventually, the campaign made it to Times Square's Reuters billboard, with consumer-created stories of the moment that life had "come at them fast."

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