Source Says Officials Ordered FCC Report Destroyed

  • September 15, 2006
Broadcasting and Cable reports that Adam Candeub, a former lawyer with the FCC's Media Bureau, is alleging that senior FCC officials ordered all copies of a localism report drafted by the FCC in 2004 to be destroyed. Candeub is now a professor at Michigan State University. He says the study was "common bureau discussion" at the time. "Exactly who stopped it dead in its tracks, I don't know," said Candeub, but the word came down that "we have to get rid of this. We have to end the study. They don't want any more research done. They want us to collect copies and destroy them." Candeub said he did not know who "they" were. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) produced a copy of the report at Kevin Martin's renomination hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee this week, saying it was sent anonymously. She asked who suppressed the report, and Martin responded that he had never seen it. The FCC is currently preparing an official response to Boxer's inquiry.

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