Just An Online Minute... Google Gyrates, About Levitates

  • by April 27, 2004
Ah ... the Google gang must be living it up right now.

So much speculation and intrigue. So much attention paid to every move, every product launch and test. Lots of heady hype heaped on the quirky cool company that's turned the Internet inside out and essentially embedded itself into pop culture.

But who wants all the scrutiny as a public company? Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have, by all accounts, eschewed it all along. So on Thursday, all eyes will be watching as Google files mandatory documents on its finances to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Google could use the occasion to pull the trigger on an IPO. That, at least, is what everyone is expecting and what Google's investors, the interactive industry, and most of all Google employees holding all those options are hoping.

The IPO is likely to be among the most exciting events since, well, the Amazon and eBay goldrushes of a few years ago. The market and the industry seem poised for a public spectacle like this. They are, in fact, hungry for it.



We'll see Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page's smiling mugs all over the place--as if we haven't seen them for months already, gracing the covers of newsweeklies and on TV holding forth at conferences.

But hold that thought before irrational exuberance sets in. relaunched today and according to Charlene Li, principal analyst with Forrester Research, it's significant for two reasons: "First, they understand that half of their users originate as a result of a search query." That is, About understands that its users go directly to content pages and has re-designed the site accordingly, so that every page serves as a landing page for visitors.

And second, About "will vary the content based on past visits ... first-time visitors will receive introductory content and navigation, while loyal users will see content promotions based on the type of previously viewed content." Li says this is a good move since it offers the potential for "hassle-free personalization where technology, rather than the individual, will do the heavy lifting."

We agree. Plus, the site looks great now--it sports a clean, clutter-free design, and is visually appealing and well-organized. No more catalogue-like listings look. This thing offers just about anything you could ever want. Yesterday, I sampled a section on sushi-making that looked, well, good enough to eat. Talk about graphics, instructions, endless recommendations and tips. is cookin'.


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