Chrysler Plays Up Family In Asian Ads For Sebring

  • November 24, 2006
The Chrysler brand is courting Asian American car buyers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City with a pilot advertising campaign for the 2007 Chrysler Sebring that plays up the importance of family through demonstration of the vehicle's MyGIG Multimedia Infotainment System, which allows for music and photo-storage capabilities.

The campaign -- which is directed at Chinese, Korean and Asian Indian consumers -- breaks Monday. The 30-second spots conclude: "The new 2007 Chrysler Sebring ... With excellent fuel efficiency and the MyGIG Infotainment System, you can take your memories for a ride."

Three version of the spot have been created - one in the Mandarin dialect, one in Korean, and a third in English using Asian Indian talent. The spots will run on Chinese, Korean and Asian Indian cable TV and network stations. A Chrysler Sebring print ad in all three languages will run in Asian American newspapers and magazines.



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