Flush with Potential

Who knew the portable restroom could be clean, attractive, even lucrative? Micro Target Media, which launched in October, has turned the smelly plastic sheds into something people don’t mind using — and a reliable way to deliver ad impressions.

MTM designs and prints custom ads that cover either one or a bank of public restrooms, posting an additional ad inside each. Infrared light and mechanical counters track impressions inside and out. (MTM promises it’s still private.)

The ads, which premiered this summer, reach highly targeted audiences like construction workers, race fans, and concert attendees, says Terry Popowich, MTM chairman and CEO. Ads for Palomar water on construction sites brought in two dozen new accounts in eight weeks.

MTM has partnered with the providers of one-third of the world’s portable restrooms, extending messages across about half a million in all.

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