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Time's Award: Not for Me, Thank You

Time magazine's naming of the collective "You" as Person of the Year is drawing ire from all kinds of sources. Some of the most biting satire regarding the magazine's choice has come from the leftist politico-blog The Huffington Post.

As revolutionary a media-phenomenon as user-generated content and video has been this year, columnists at The Post and other news publications complain that the world's many problems (and those addressing them) deserve far more attention than, well, us.

Time magazine's almost condescending point, writes Nora Ephron of The Huff Post, is--more or less--marked by the phrase "working for nothing," "the dead giveaway about how Time Magazine really feels about the giant collective unwashed, unpaid You Out Here that is nonetheless making life a misery for Them In There--for the Old Media scrambling to figure out What It Means for things like the future of print, the paper business, network television, privacy, and their jobs, for which (it goes without saying) they are paid."

So forgive us, Time, if the most important thing in your lives these days is the realization that your jobs may be in danger because of the rise of "us," but when it comes to something that purports to be as significant as "The Person of the Year," why not consider that the world is still hopelessly divided by religion, and that thousands have died in Iraq, and then spend some time pondering who's doing their utmost to fight these and other crises around the globe rather than cheaply handing "us" the award with a discernable taste of bitterness in your mouth




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