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Wanted: "You"

Businesses now rely on what their audience has to say. The I-am-somebody Web 2.0 phenomenon means readers are not only writers but also instructors and innovators. This, after all, is the mantra of the wiki movement. All this led Time (rightly or wrongly depending on your opinion), to name the collective "You" as the person of the year. And the demand for "You" is just getting started.

Your contribution will be needed in 2007 and beyond: CNN needs your eyewitness videos, and Wikipedia needs additions to its enormous and growing catalog. Your expertise is also in demand: Yahoo Answers needs you to resolve community questions; Demand Media needs citizen-experts to post video on how to properly grow orchids and fix broken PlayStations.

Your submissions, profiles and opinions are also needed: MediaPost needs your feedback so we can serve you better (that sounded a little lame, but we couldn't resist). Social networks need updated information. And finally, we know you readers won't take this the wrong way, your history is wanted, so the ads that make the Internet go round can be more relevant, and automated systems can accurately make recommendations.



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