What's Hot and What's Not on Consumer Shopping Lists

What's Hot and What's Not on Consumer Shopping Lists

Big-ticket high-tech items and discount shopping topped consumers' 'hot' lists along with low-carbohydrate diets heading into 2004, according to the latest study by BIGresearch. Shopping at discount stores was seen as 'hot' by 80 percent of respondents, while 67 percent said so about shopping at dollar stores. Of 9,500 consumers polled, 84 percent said they considered plasma televisions 'hot' in 2004, while 80 percent said the same about picture cell phones.

"Most of today's consumers believe in buying certain merchandise at the lowest prices available, and discount and dollar stores provide ample opportunities to do so," said Gary Drenik, president and CEO of BIGresearch. "At the same time, consumers see value in such cutting-edge luxuries as the picture phone and high-end television sets."

Consumers said discount shopping stores were their first and foremost choice for women's, men's and children's clothing as well as toys and linens. Of those who labeled plasma televisions and picture cell phones as "hot," 28% shop most often for electronics at Best Buy and 23% do so at WalMart. Circuit City ranked third among those buyers at 10%.

Low carbohydrate diets were another 'hot' item among consumers; 72% of consumers thought so, while 28% disagreed. Brightly colored apparel was seen as 'hot' by 53% of those surveyed; 47% disagreed. Brightly colored housewares had 49% of the votes for 'hot' while 51% said no.

More findings are available here.

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