Connected Consumers Watch More Network Broadcasting

Connected Consumers Watch More Network Broadcasting

A recent comprehensive study by CBS Research, examining consumers' attitudes towards digital media, and the role television will play in the near future, found that as the public at large becomes more connected to digital media, the more engaged they become in primetime television programming. And, as

viewers become aware of the deadline for full digital transmissions, the likelihood of them investing in new digital TV sets increases substantially.

David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer for CBS Corporation and President of CBS Vision, concludes "... By offering (consumers) new ways to connect to their favorite shows, whether it's websites, podcasts, ringtones or other mobile features, we've been able to deepen the bond these fully connected viewers have with our programming."

Among the findings of the study:

  • The population is gradually moving up to higher levels of connectivity, This "fully connected" segment of the population, the segment with both a broadband internet and a digital television connection at home, has grown from 22% in the fall of 2005 to over 30% this fall. The "fully connected" segment of the population is the segment that is most likely to watch the top broadcast network programs.
  • Although less than 30% of the population is aware of the 2009 deadline for broadcasters to switch to full digital transmissions, approximately one-half of these people have already purchased a digital set and another 30% plan to before the changeover. Of those who are not aware, when told of the change, 40% stated that they would upgrade to a digital set before 2009.
  • 56% of those surveyed were aware that you could watch network television programs by streaming them over the internet. Of those aware of this streaming option, 46% have already streamed at least one program. Of those not aware of this streaming option, when told which programs were available for streaming, 62% selected at least one of the thirty-three available programs that they probably would watch via streaming over the internet in the future.

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