We're Hating The Waiting; 43% Prefer Self-Service

  • January 23, 2007
Everyone hates waiting in line, but a recent survey from NCR Corp. found that standing around the local Department or Division of Motor Vehicles is the most dreaded wait of all.

In a telephone survey done by NCR Corp, which polled just over 1,000 adults, waiting on line at retail outlets came in a close second, followed by registering at clinics or hospitals; checking in at airports; and ordering at fast-food restaurants or deli counters.

On average, consumers estimate that they spend more than two days per year waiting in line for service, and half believe they waste between 30 minutes to two hours each week waiting for service.

The poll also asked consumers about self-service options, and found that 43% said they have chosen one provider of goods or services over another because it offered some sort of self-service option.



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