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New Trend In Seattle Coffee: Bikini-Clad Baristas

  • MSNBC/AP, Tuesday, January 30, 2007 11:45 AM
Candice Law, leaning provocatively out the drive-through window in a black bra that didn't quite cover her shiny purple pasties, and Toni Morgan, wearing a skimpy halter top, seemed to know every customer who ordered a cup of java at Cowgirls Espresso drive-through in Tukwila, Wash., recently.

Law and Morgan are part of new trend of "naughty baristas" in and around Seattle that illustrates how cutthroat the competition can be in the hometown of Starbucks.

Cowgirls Espresso owner Lori Bowden opened her first stand four years ago. Law and other employees suggested doing "Bikini Wednesdays." Bowden approved, and her stand immediately doubled the amount of money it was taking in -- from $200 to $400. "Fantasy Fridays," "School Girl Thursdays," "Cowgirl Tuesdays" and "Military Mondays" soon followed.



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