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Nike Attacks On Adidas' Turf

  • MSNBC, Wednesday, February 28, 2007 11:31 AM
American sneaker manufacturer Nike wants to replace Adidas as the main sponsor of the German national team starting in 2011. Germany's players have been wearing the shoes of what is considered one of the country's leading brands since 1954.

Negotiations between Germany's Soccer Federation and Adidas stalled after Nike offered nearly $63 million annually versus Adidas' existing contract that amounts to $14 million annually. Adidas has yet to offer a counter bid.

Oddly enough, German soccer fans don't seem to care much about the old ties. According to a survey released by the German Soccer Federation, 77% of the nation's soccer fans support a change to Nike if the money is spent to support young players and to build more soccer fields throughout the country.

Earlier this month, Nike presented a new global strategy to expand its retail presence worldwide by opening 100 new company stores in the next three years. Nike wants to meet consumers on their home turf and not shy away from challenging traditional markets.



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