Only Five Percent of Innovative Web Users Access Internet on Mobile Device

Only Five Percent of Innovative Web Users Access Internet on Mobile Device

A new report by Media-Screen finds that, although more than 60 percent of U.S. broadband users currently own an Internet-enabled mobile device, only five percent of them, approximately five million, use the mobile Internet. The report concludes that they are reluctant to partake in online mobile activities due to extra fees and difficulties establishing and maintaining Internet connections.

The report reveals a significant gap between accessing the Internet on mobile devices and on computers. Users perform an average of 3.3 online activities on their mobile device versus 13.4 activities on their laptop/desktop, reinforcing the fact that online activities have yet to migrate into the pockets of broadband users.

Jean Durall, Media-Screen's Director of Research Service, says "Broadband users... have historically driven innovation of online applications by being the first to adopt and embrace new services on the Internet... Understanding this group of influential consumers will help carriers, content providers and marketers develop new offerings."

Not unlike drivers during the early days of the Internet, the most popular mobile activities among broadband users are communications-related. And, even though mobile is touted as the "third screen," less than one in five users access news or television shows from a mobile device. Over 50 percent of respondents say that the mobile Internet access does not "fit with their lifestyle."

The study reports that the top mobile Internet activities are:

  • Sending email 47%
  • Playing games 27%
  • Read the news 16%
  • Watch TV programs 13%

Durall continues, "Providers and manufacturers must... make sure the benefits of mobile access are directed beyond the 'Road Warriors' and 'MySpacers' of the world. The persistent media portrayal of mobile Internet users as either carefree youth or hard-driving professionals may be... unintentionally delaying broader consumer adoption."

This study examines three different user groups to provide a better overview of attitudes and behaviors of mobile device users among the broadband population,:

  • Those currently accessing the Internet from a mobile device (5%)
  • Those who have an Internet-enabled mobile device but don't use it to go online (58%)
  • Those who don't have an Internet-enabled mobile device (36%)

For more information about the Netpop Study, please visit here.

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