Please Tip Your Waiter

If you’ve ever fumbled while trying to figure out the tip at a restaurant, you can see why people might want a calculator at the table. And if it’s one with room for branded advertising — all the better.

Goldwing’s Tip Selector Wheel, which doubles as a drink coaster, offers advertising space that reaches consumers in a way other ads can’t, says Thomas Dollnig, Goldwing’s senior customer service representative.

“It becomes kind of a conversation piece when it’s first seen. [People] pick it up and play with it while they’re waiting for their meal,” Dollnig says. Plus, the wheel stays on the table throughout the visit. “Show me something else in this world that’s available to an advertiser that will be looked at for that long a period of time,” he adds.

The water-resistant wheel has room on both sides for branding and coupons. Ad space starts at 1.5 cents per square inch, and restaurants receive the wheels for free. The first batch hit the tables at the end of March.

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