Consider Women Differently And Some Different Than Others

Consider Women Differently And Some Different Than Others

Horowitz Associates, Inc. has recently released their latest consumer research study, Women's World III: Women as Media Consumers and Household Decision Makers. While the study features the importance of understanding how women and men differ when it comes to attitudes and perceptions of digital and interactive services (read: cable and broadband), of perhaps more importance are the psychographics.

Adriana Waterston, director of marketing for the company says "The census shows us that single mothers now head ten million out of 37 million family households-- one quarter of all family households in America are headed by a woman alone. If a provider is not taking steps to ensure that their marketing and positioning resonates with women across all segments, they could be missing a huge opportunity."

Regarding women on their favorite channels, favorite websites, and other media consumption habits, NBC, Lifetime, ABC, HBO and Discovery are the channels women mention most often as their favorites. In urban, multicultural markets, white women name NBC the most often as their favorite channel. Black women mention Lifetime, Latinas name Fox and Asian women name ABC as favorites.

When it comes to how often women watch specific types of programming, the study shows that local news, comedy shows and hour long dramas top the list, with 88%, 65% and 62%, respectively, of women saying they watch these genres every day, almost every day or once or twice a week. On the other hand, only 30% of women report watching reality TV shows and only 24% report watching soap operas in the course of an average week.

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