Survey Weighs Trade-Offs For More Mileage

  • May 21, 2007
A new Kelley Blue Book/ survey for CNN suggests that five miles per gallon more is worth power, price, size and prestige, at least to a quarter of car and truck shoppers.

The survey asked people who said they were looking to buy a vehicle within the next six months which of the above four trade-offs they would make for the extra five miles per gallon when they go shopping for their next vehicle.

Per CNN, 27% said a smaller vehicle would do the trick. The next popular response dropped to 12% of buyers, who said they would be willing to sacrifice prestige. Only 8% said they would be willing to get an engine with 100 less horsepower.

Nine percent said they would pay more money to get the extra five. Twenty-two percent said they would do all of the above. The same percentage, however, said they would be willing to do "all of the above" to get an extra five miles per gallon, with the same number saying they wouldn't sacrifice anything.

--Karl Greenberg



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