YuMe, somagirls.tv Team to Deliver Multi-Platform Ads to Young Women

In an early foray into multi-platform content monetization, Soma Management has partnered with the YuMe broadband ad network to serve ads alongside content on lifestyle destination somagirls.tv.

Using YuMe's proprietary ad serving technology, advertisers on somagirls.tv will be able to display ads across a number of the site's media outlets--from mobile Web to VOD to IPTV, and even inside the virtual world of whyville.

"It's hard to track where your content is being syndicated," said E.C. Morgan, CEO and president of the San-Francisco, CA-based Soma Management. "YuMe gives us one source for serving and tracking, and wraps it up in a package that makes it much more attractive to advertisers."

Redwood City, CA-based YuMe has partnerships with brands like Sony, Blockbuster, and video game company Eidos Interactive, offering a cpm structure for advertisers and a revenue split model for publishers.

At somagirls.tv, young women ages 12-24 will find a variety of media content, from branded video channels with shows that focus on health and beauty, travel and fashion, to downloadable games and soon, a link to whyville, a virtual world for tweens. With its syndication technology, somagirls.tv also reaches young women via mobile Web in India and China, and broadband and pay-per-view video in Australia. The company hopes this reach will entice global advertisers from the retail and CPG industries.



"Somagirls.tv gives advertisers and content providers the means to reach a specific demographic and directly appeal to their specific interest or lifestyle," said Morgan.

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