First Major Push By Bosch Highlights Quiet, Environment

Bosch appliances, part of Newport Beach, Calif.-based BSH Home Appliances, is launching an integrated campaign this week that is also the brand's first major push to highlight its environmentally friendly major appliances. The effort actually comes on the heels of the beginnings of a rebranding earlier this year, in which Bosch created a new tree-frog icon for its "green" products.

The new campaign, its largest to date, extends that brand imagery with a TV ad spotlighting the energy efficiency and quietness of its appliances. The ads put Bosch appliances in different locations in nature, emphasizing how they help preserve nature and don't disturb it either, when they are operating. Tagline: "Invented for life."

One 30-second spot has a mule deer walk up to a Bosch Nexxt washer and dryer duo in a forest. Although the machines are on, the deer is undeterred from examining them.

Two other spots show an eagle owl flying through a red rock canyon toward either a Bosch Evolution, or in the other spot, an Integra dishwasher, and landing on them.



Voiceover touts features and energy efficiency. "Bosch dishwashers: they aren't only the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They're also the quietest." The ad then goes on to show the J.D. Power and Associates trophy, perched on the machine, with voiceover saying the awards are for customer satisfaction.

The effort is by Bosch's AOR, Santa Monica, Calif.-based Hamon & Associates.

This year, the company started touting its EPA and DOE Energy Star award for its appliances, across all of its products.

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