Real life experience really matters

3 sessions in to the Email Insiders Summit I started to look around the room and watch peoples faces in the audience. That's when it hit me. The entire conference was filled with the biggest and most well known experts in email marketing, as well as representatives from the biggest brands in the marketing industry. They were all captivated by one common theme: real life examples. Lots of numbers and statistics were shared with the group and were very much appreciated. Tons of theory and philosophic discussion was had about what we could and should be doing. Much of that generated lively discussion too. But, whenever the person speaking started a sentence with "When I did...." or "My client has done...." you could see the entire room lean forward with interest to learn more from real life examples. And there have been some great real life examples: From the manner in which Coca Cola approaches integrated marketing and adds email in to the mix, to the way in which Return Path and Pivotal Veracity advise clients on getting over key deliverability issues, listening to the way marketers have dealt with real issues somehow builds a much stronger bond with the audience than just hearing about best practices. I am looking forward to networking with people to see if the audience behavior I am observing is really happening.

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