AAAA Picks eBiz Arbiter: It Will Be Arbinet

Speaking of media buying exchanges, the AAAA has announced a deal with Arbinet-thexchange to build and implement the “ebiz for media” registry, an industry-wide cross-media electronic trading directory. While not intended to be an open market exchange the way the eBay initiative is designed, the new registry will eliminate much of the paper shuffle normally associate with media buying. The news comes amid other industry initiatives, including one launched last week by the Television Bureau of Advertising, and suggests there is real momentum behind paperless media buys – even if the medium is papers. AAAA eBiz maestro Michael Donahue says the goal is simple: greater efficiency and less time spent processing paper and reconciling the inherent errors associated with the old process of avail requests, insertion orders, affidavits, etc. "The Registry will simplify the way media buyers and sellers transact, resulting in reduced errors, lower costs and the ability to provide procurement audit trails,” stated, adding that Arbinet has a good track record too. Both Arbinet’s eBiz registry and the eBay trading system will be discussed during the AAAA media show later today, so check back for updates later today.
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