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Famous at Chrysler. Famous at Walmart. Now more famous. Has no PR person. Bring a bottle of that wine up here right now. Obviously Sean and I are here to take you through some of our thinking. M2.x Lewis and Clark a prairie dog alive in a box. parallels between Lewis and Clark Indigenous people know the terrain ... consumers and "the market" I think consumers are disappointed in our gift of the pop-up ad. We thought was a googd example. probably feeling a little sick about the criticism, but they'll probably survive because they took the steps to do it. I've seen a live prairie dog change. I've got a website (They don't really have one yet.) As marketers, we have to absorb all that and How do we upgrade periodically. Sean has no wedding ring. Julie is wearing hers. How many of you had a shoe phone. I thought I was. Agency side. "adjective marketing" Client side. Near the end of the Marketing 2.0 era (BMW films The Hire - high quality content on the end.) subservient chicken for burger king - literally tehe email link blair witch - content standpoint proved Internet was a great way to market and distribute content Lonelygirl15, Coke/Mentos, standing as far about as they possible could. most interesting ad: some guy who spent $12 bucks to produce it. If i'm a client who just shelled out $20,000??? I might be disappointed. What has een done to it in a 2.0 fashion. clip emailed yesterday. Vote Different Hillary Clinton morphed in with 1984. hard-working patriotic people. be part of a team. the american team. 2008 On January 14th, you (apple 0) runner has an iPod Just look how fun it will be when the Republicans and the Democrats start fighting. I'm kind of looking forward to someone else fighting the press. Marketing 3.0 artifiicial intelligence sensibility. more of a networked fashion rather than just linking o fthe networks. Everyone's talking about ubiquitous A/V, 2-way screen proliferation; three-screen strategy voice, video, data: connective language Networks to networking: Vegas trip how it works: trip to Vegas, look for hotels, know your airline preferences, book for dinner, etc. coordinate meetings with key people on key contacts list. all is possible today. you'd have to do 5 different steps. match them up. help bring full-service solutions. The Semantic Web .... infomrmation is input and nderstood in a language published for data RDF) HDTV, 40-inch, 1080p resolution in the nearest M2.x: Upgrades toward M3.0 Upgrade for proficienc Julie (I'm PC) Sean (I'm Mac) I'm client/ I'm agency Yes, one filled with pictures, etc. 2.0 to 3.0 is proliferating more quickly and more 3.0 world will come. These disruptive technologies will continue. Marketing Upgrade Models: companies with change ... creates internal stress if a company is not created for change.!!!! 3M 6% of revenue to R&D 1/5 of outlay goes to "pursuits with no immediate practicality" if they don't .... they tie it back to the revenue. Post-it note ... Google ... change and innovation is purposeful and intentional 80/20 - day-to-day + whatever 70/20/10 70 against base, 20 against beta test, 10 are your experiments turn the things that come out of your 10% against your beta test. Auto world. This system might be better attuned for less risk-loving types of companies. ... Treat marketing as an investment. Without that it's ard to have a sstem in place. speak the language of CFO and COO. .... women dancing, champagne flowing .... everybody wants to work in marketing. I was a big fan of multiple briefs ... with as many briefs with information. that may have been presupposing a result. If we simplified the problem on a 3 x 5 card, it might have left thinking open. It's got to start here and end here and sell 5,000 trucks. tactic was presupposed. year-end sales event. Problem was really that we had more ars and trucks than people had to buy. We looked at an industry: Hollywood... fully disruptie and vertically integrated. Set forth a whole ripple of events. Saw rise of the talent agency. Talent agencies. A lot of times they'll form up teams. vertically integrated. to defragmented ... We didn't have anti-trust law. we had ... the idea of a producer. If someone can create a Super Bowl ad for $12 on a laptop, the barriers to agencies are pretty low. "adjective agencies" Who's going to manage the relationships? It's that role we think is missing. holidng company not necessarily the answer. The 10 or 20% .... model of SWAT team .. the special forces of the police force. Small team of skilled and experienced practitioners who can pull a failing project out of the ditch. This team does not tolerate political interference as it makes decisions and takes actions to bring test-drive change. Compensation .... commission, scope of work/FTE, pay for performance, Jerry Maguire. intellectual property -- pay for the idea .... Anomaly (agency?) point is they create an intellectual property they license to the client ... reward the client. Today is the second anniversary of the speech I made on the Media Auction. The fact that media are working ... that whole model is being rethought. automates things that can be automated. those pepole can now be doing integration, aggregation and thinking. ADD VALUE. that's where as a client you're willing to pay more. We have clients who are asking us to help them think about it. Producer as integrator of talent. Visible World .... could take some of the functions of traffic and allow them to be realigned in a different way. marketing dashboard. Brand as Media Co. .... brands are frustrated. ..... Maybe they're not optimized yet, but they're taking te chance. It will take the right kind of partners to get that done. upgrade our content development skills. .... we could move from passive to active .... As we think about content people don't live in caves. measure at some point. It did take into context that she's not living in a cave. The medium tend to get old fast. Started to upgrade. She doesn't live in a cave. I get that. Consumer culture. sees everything including the things she likes in life. 10 Upgrades FTEs (no name boxes) to Intellectual Property (talent) Data collection to data connection Professional marketers to being personal marketers Last piece of history from Lewis & Clark. my favorite (beavers) Conferences helping us to think and explore. AS we try to upgrade to the Marketing 3.0 landscape. Seans' background USC film school. While this wasn't an announcement of what we're doing. Knowing someone who knows how to tap We've been inundated with calls .... I've been surprised ... agencies. traditional .... small companies. looking for people to help them think through
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