What's the Buzz?

So I am officially the human buzz-o-meter for the Search Insider Summit (for all the old school Cubs fans out there, I draw my inspiration from the Shawon-o-meter). At the last summit in November, I tallied the most popular buzzwords and compiled them into a column so everyone could keep their fingers on the pulse of the conference. Next week I plan to play another round of buzzword bingo (as Chris Copeland from Outrider dubbed it) to help everyone who can't make it to Bonita Springs get a sense of what's hot in search. Here are my predictions for the buzzworthiest terms this go round: 1. Microhoo - rumors are swirling again. 2. GoogleClick - should be a lot of specualtion around the impact of this deal. See this column for my personal take. 3. Branding - this one topped the list in November. We're all still looking for ways to prove that search has an impact on brand awareness and consideration. 4. Video - my Managing Director, Matt Spiegel, leads a panel the first day of the conference on a topic near and dear to my heart. Video has been exploding on the web and emerging players like ClipBlast, MeeVee, Pixsy and blinkx join the old guard of TV Guide in the race to make all video content searchable. 5. Click Fraud - no escaping this one. There's a Day 1 panel on the topic that I'm sure many of the marketers in attendence are anxiously anticipating. 6. Eh - with our neighbor to the North, Gord Hotchkiss, emceeing the summit, we're sure to get our share of Canadian slang. Sorry Gord, couldn't help myself! 7. Integration - Tuesday brings a session on integrating search with other channels. A close second at the last summit, "integration" is something that many marketers are focused on as they increase their share of time and budget spent on search. 8. 24/7 - lots of talk about 24/7 Real Media being pursued by WPP and Microsoft. Matt Kain, who leads up the 24/7 Search group, has a couple speaking slots. Will be fun to watch him dodge the acqusition topic. 9. Fore - summit organizers generously alloted 2 afternoons for attendees to hit the links. Not me though - golf just ain't my cup of "tee." I'll be at the 19th hole blogging away. 10. Query Marketing - I'll be busy telling anyone who'll listen my POV on Query Marketing and why it's the best description of the platform we've come to know and love now that "search" has taken on a life of its own. For those of you that don't wan't to be caught off guard when I start spittin' query, read up here. Looking forward to 3 days of search and sun in FLA!
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