Hot Topics at Search Insider Summit

In no particular order, here are some of the hot topics I've been hearing about so far at the Summit, largely fueled by discussions last night over margaritas (so my memory might be a bit fuzzy): * Google-DoubleClick - what's going to happen? It's fun seeing the gang from DoubleClick-Performics speaking here, even if they'll sooner talk about molecular biology than the acquisition * The margaritas themselves - made with 1800 tequila, and the splash of OJ is a great touch * What's Microsoft's next move? Yahoo isn't it. What is? * The weather - had a brief windy spell last night which had everyone bracing for a storm that didn't come * The role of search engine marketing agencies in today's landscape * How search fits in with other media * Roger Clemens joining the Yanks * Esther Dyson + David Vise = awesome
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  1. David Shor, May 7, 2007 at 10:44 p.m.

    I and, I think, a lot of others would be interested in some more detail on the key things that retail-oriented agencies like ours are contemplating: mix of online and offline media. We are, for example, seeing that our offline (primarily broadcast) media generates a high degree of brand awareness such that online searches are primarily for our brands. So, beyond PPC and SEO, what's the crew talking about in this context?

    David Shor
    Director, Interactive Media
    Wingman Media, Inc.

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