Jordan Rohan's Pick to Click

Hailing from Chicago, I know how much White Sox fans hate it when the Cubs get all the attention so this is my attempt to balance my earlier Shawon-o-meter reference with something Southsiders can relate to. For the 3rd straight summit, Jordan Rohan concluded his keynote with a stock pick proving once again you don't need to be a pre-IPO Googler to become an instant millionare -- just attend the Search Insider Summit and put your money down on Jordan's picks (truth be told, he's only 1 for 2 so far... the first pick delivered a 50% return but the last one is down 7% -- Jordan said he's "sticking with it" though.) And, no, I won't share the pick here. Get out to the next SIS if you want in on the action. UPDATE: or you can just read Laurie's post which follows :)
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