Moderation Upended

Bill Flitter from Pheedo is one of my favorite speakers and moderators, and he's living up to the hype here. He's got a white board on stage and is starting the session by asking for questions from the audience. Some moderators neglect to ask the audience for questions at all. Bill got about 10 asked before the speaking even started. And now it's the panel's job to answer all of this, and they have some cues for what to answer even during their prepared remarks. It reminds me of the scene in the movie "Leap of Faith" where Steve Martin, as an evangelical preacher, who asks for words or phrases to work into his sermon, and he has to somehow work in aluminum siding. These ideas on the white board are much more in context, so it shouldn't be too challenging. One more quote from Bill: "Search engine marketing is about mechanizing your communication. Social media is about humanizing it."
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