Triumvirate Responsibility for Welcomed Email

Miles Libbey from the Yahoo! Office of the Postmaster told a story today about a marketing services company cleaning up their deliverability act that really sums up the key to deliverability: respecting your subscribers. This sender had a very high bounce rates that were consistently higher than the industry average (an indication of poor list quality and sourcing). Complaints were 2-3x the industry average. As a result, the email was going missing or to bulk. This sender wanted to do the right thing and began looking at data sourcing. They started signing the mail with domain keys and consumers started seeing a consistent from address. Within a week they dropped their complaint rate to the industry average, and started to see some inbox deliverability. Since they identified that a few of their clients were the bad eggs in terms of list quality and content, they fired some clients and immediately saw a significant decrease in the amount of high-complaint mail they were sending. Better, they also saw all their marketing metrics rise - open rates grew 24x, click rate went up 36x, revenue went up 25x. So they were able to increase revenue by sending 5x less email. We all have an obligation to treat our subscribers with respect. Senders must understand that subscribers will only respond if they want and value the email. Miles reminds us that senders have a contract with our subscribers, and that all three of us, the senders, receivers and consumes, have to participate.
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